At TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS, we are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of kiln cars for ROOF TILES and BRICKS. Our latest project was carried out at a plant in Portugal. In this case, we were commissioned to design, manufacture, and install 52 large-scale kiln cars using our VMH technology.

In October 2022, the assembly of all the kiln cars was completed, for which we had to send approximately 500 tons of shaped and unshaped materials. We were able to assemble all the cars in a record time of 5 weeks. This new design allowed the client to increase the amount of material to be baked per baking cycle, increasing their productivity by 6.25% compared to the previous solution.

In addition to complete projects like the one described, we can also manufacture spare parts for your kiln cars or unshaped materials such as concrete, mortar, ceramic fiber, etc. We would like to specify that we have a delivery time for materials BETWEEN 15 AND 20 WEEKS, which is a very short period considering the current state of the market. You can contact us at the following link.

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