Refractory Services

Our services begin with a personalised approach to our clients' needs: we listen to their requests, analyse their needs in the field and design and build formulas that solve their problems through continuous improvement.


TEIDE offers its customers integrated management of their needs. A team of technicians and professionals carries out a detailed study of each particular case to provide a complete, unique, value added service. Our Engineering Department designs and plans all our projects and we implement them down to the last detail.

In the preliminary needs analysis, our experts put TEIDE's knowledge and extensive experience at our clients' service and provide advice at each stage. After the analysis, we design the preliminary project; this includes evaluating construction feasibility; we study the materials and components and their respective qualities as well as the preliminary CAD-CAM designs of the projected installation.

Once approved by the client, the project is presented along with the final costs estimates and detailed design. Prototypes and specimens of the various parts to be used are prepared through testing and simulations. Finally, the components are produced in the factory; these may comprise a wide range, especially silicon carbide and extrusion pieces, perforated plates, nozzles, resistance holders, saggers, insulators or concretes.

After passing the final inspection, the products are packaged and dispatched by the best logistics solution. The company supervises installation and assembly; it offers a start-up consulting service and carries out performance tracking.

Furnace construction process supported by our experience.

  • Preliminary study
  • Preliminary Project
  • Project
  • Simulations
  • Production and assembly
  • Control and monitoring