TEIDE offers a wide range of products and installation services that provide solutions for any type of structural ceramic kiln. Kiln cars offer the following advantages:

  • Low thermal mass.
  • 30% less weight than traditional solutions.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Lower thermal conductivity.

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TEIDE offers a wide range of products and turnkey installation services that provide solutions for any type of ceramic kiln whether for tiles, pavements, sanitary ware, porcelain, and so on. In each case, our technicians study the client's production requirements and design a furnace adapted to his needs. We then build the furnace to the agreed specifications. Before start-up, we inspect each installation to ensure that its quality, performance and security all meet our standards.

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At TEIDE we have extensive experience in incinerators of all kinds: urban and industrial, for hazardous solids and liquids, for hospitals or for the meat-bone flour industry, among others. We offer our clients engineering, supply and installation of refractories; we service and maintain combustion chambers, afterburners, etc.As manufacturers of refractory materials, we have a stock of dense materials, insulators, fibres and so on large enough to deal with any emergency.

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  • Cement industry

TEIDE offers a wide range of high and medium alumina materials, with shaped and unshaped products (High Alumina, thixotropics , Silicon Carbide, Zirconium products, etc...) and installs high-performance furnaces for the cement industry. continue reading

  • Steel Foundries

TEIDE offers services and a range of specific products for steel scrap-melting arc furnaces, torpedoes and smelted steel furnaces. continue reading

  • Ferrous cupola and other furnaces

TEIDE offers an extensive range of products for ferrous cupola furnances of various types:

Long-life cupolas: 3-4 months service without changing the refractory lining. The intense external cooling requires excellent mechanical and chemical behaviour of refractory materials, as well as resistance to attack from slag over a wide range of temperatures ... we also provide solutions for aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and glass furnaces, amongst others.continue reading

  • Glass industry

TEIDE offers a wide range of moulded parts and unshaped parts specially designed for the manufacture of white, coloured and borosilicate glass, glass fibre and soluble glass ... continue reading

  • Decorative line

See our decorative line at