A strong base

  • The Group’s inception dates back from 1954 with the creation of Pyrotermsa products S.L.

  • During 1965 the Group creates Teide Refractories S.A. located in Lliça de Vall (Barcelona), company specialized in insulation products, this made possible to widen the product range.

  • In 1970 the Group was enlarged with the acquisition of the Calanda Factory (in Teruel) specialized in aluminium, cordierite and low alumina non-shaped products.

  • In 1982 to ensure the supply of plastic clays, the Group, acquired a minor participation of a mining company, Arexa in Cañada y Verich (Teruel), today the Group owns 50% of this company.

  • In 1990 the Group starts the production on high quality non conformed products.

  • In 1992 the Group acquires ICASA, an historical Zaragoza company which started back in 1931 and recognized with two Alfas de oro. This plant with 18.000 sqm specializes in high alumina, cordierites, silicon carbide, zirconium and mullite. Nowadays these facilities and machinery are located in Calanda (Teruel).

  • During the years 2009 to 2010 the group restructures itself, focusing on the most competitive products to manufacture with an innovative approach and global vision of the markets.

  • Today, TEIDE REFRACTORY SOLUTIONS SL works as a single Company with two specialized production centers (Lliça de Vall - Barcelona, Calanda- Teruel), with a total covered area of 25.000 sqm and 30.000 Tons of annual production capacity, which allows to provide the markets with a wide and innovative range of products for over 63 years.

Our history is our best guarantee.

TEIDE is managed from the Administration, Commercial and Design and Development Departments, staffed by 15 specialists. The firm also has 20 constantly active branches, both in Spain and abroad. Factory staff number 60 workers.

TEIDE's production plants are equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing refractory materials.

The Calanda plant currently produces 20,000 tons per year of up to 90% shaped and unshaped alumina products; total production capacity is 30,000 tons. The machinery renovation plan implemented between 1998 and 2003 provided this production capacity. New installations were introduced in this plan: a new 1,400º C tunnel kiln with a production capacity of 50 tons per day, another 1,600° C tunnel kiln of 30 tons per day capacity, a 1,600° C and 15Tn/day intermittent furnace, 20 presses and a potent extruder.

The highly automated, 5,000-ton TEIDE plant in Lliçà de Vall has specialised in insulators and special shaped products since 1992.